Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

I would like to introduce you to CADDAC, a national ADHD not-for-profit organization. Let me begin by reassuring you that ADHD is indeed a legitimate neurobiological disorder. It is not caused by bad parenting, nor is it the “fad” diagnosis that some in the media would have you believe. Children with ADHD are not manipulative, lazy or bad – they are children with unique needs who require extra support and understanding.

CADDAC was formed by parents who not only understand this, but have also dealt with the same confusion, worry and frustrations that many of you are experiencing right now. Many of us have spent years educating ourselves about ADHD and looking for help, and support for our children and families. We personally and professionally understand the current lack of services, resources and treatment options for ADHD. We continue to advocate for more resources while struggling with the lack of options to refer people to each and every day.

Over the last seven years, the most efficient way that we have found to provide information and support to parents is through our website, www.caddac.ca. This site includes information for parents, children, adolescents, adults and educators and includes over 40 hours of free educational videos. The site also informs you on how to advocate for your child in the school system, what to look for in a proper medical and psychological assessment and inform people about what is happening on the political front around ADHD. The site offers information on possible financial aid, ADHD support groups and resources across the country.

CADDAC was originally formed as a national ADHD advocacy organization to bring together local ADHD organizations and individuals affected by ADHD and provide a way for them to network and form a unified voice around ADHD issues. Therefore, one of our primary mandates is to advocate for those impacted by ADHD. We encourage you to access information on our latest advocacy initiatives from our website. Although you need not become be a member to join any advocacy initiatives, we strongly encourage you to do so. By becoming a member you will not only automatically be supporting ADHD advocacy, you will also obtain discounts on CADDAC educational events and receive our quarterly newsletter with ADHD up-dates.

We also strongly encourage parents who would like to set-up a local support organization to access our web “Support group” page for tips on doing this. If you are interested in organizing a parent support group of any size or structure give us a call. Parent support groups, even if they consist of a few parents meeting for a coffee once a month at the local coffee shop, can be extremely helpful. We are eager to help you out with this, offer suggestions and share our own experience in having run these groups for many years. Once you are set-to-go, we would love to list your group on our support page so others can join your group.


Heidi Bernhardt
President and Executive Director, CADDAC