ADHD Resources

To access ADHD resources please access the CADDAC website

CADDAC, coalition members and our supporters, do not in any way favour, recommend, promote or endorse any individual support groups, programs, practices, clinics, agencies, camps, schools, coaches, tutors or any other services listed on the CADDAC web site. We do believe that support and education about ADHD is an excellent way to help ensure the best outcome for those living with ADHD. We simply list the resources we are made aware of for your information only.

We strongly encourage you to ask questions and seek out recommendations from others in your area before deciding to engage in any form of treatment with a particular clinic or agency.

Also, please make sure that you investigate whether the treatment recommended is based on good scientific research and is peer-reviewed by medical experts in the field of ADHD.

If you are aware of a clinic, service or other resource that would be helpful to others seeking assistance, please contact CADDAC and we would be very happy to add it to our list.

On the CADDAC site, under “Resources”, you will be able to find information on:

Support Groups

Clinics and Agencies


Postsecondary Assessment Centers





Financial Aid

Other Supporting Organizations