Contact Your Elected Official

Who to Contact

Generally the best person to contact would be your provincial legislative representative especially for issues related to health and education. However, the subject of ADHD should also be of national importance so your federal MP is also an option.

To access information on your provincial representative

To access your federal legislative representative OR

Canadian Government Public Information Officer 613-992-4793 to access MPs office number

To access information on Ministers

Arranging a Meeting With Your Elected Official

  • This can be the most effective way to communicate your message
  • Contact your representatives office and ask for their appointment secretary
  • If you cannot meet with your representative and are instead asked to meet with their assistant do not be disappointed. It is important to know that your representative’s assistant can be very influential in shaping your representative’s opinion on an issue and may be assigned to your specific area of interest.

Tips for Meeting with Your Elected Official

  • Preparation
    • Learn about your representatives record on the issues
    • Plan for a 15 minute meeting
    • Research your topic and know your issue
    • Prepare your information in a concise yet detailed manner
    • Prepare a personal storey as well
    • It is also helpful to be knowledgeable about the opposing argument
    • Prepare an information package to leave behind (CADDAC fact sheets are available)
  • During the meeting
    • Be on time, actually 15 minutes early is advised
    • Don’t be surprised if they are not
    • Introduce yourself and your affiliations, but keep it brief
    • Ask your representative how familiar they are with ADHD, and you specific topic
    • Know your “ask” and be clear about what you want.
    • Answer any questions you can, but don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know but I’ll get back to you” Never state things that you are not sure are accurate
    • Offer to serve as a resource
    • Thank your representative or their assistant for their time
    • Leave your contact information
    • Follow-up with a written thank you and any additional information

If You Do Not Plan to Meet With Your Elected Official Consider Writing a Letter

  • Be concise and state your point clearly but briefly.
  • Confirm that your statements are accurate
  • State your views and give personal examples – do not rely whole on a template letter
  • Be courteous and do not threaten
  • Be constructive – offer solutions and not just criticism
  • Offer to be a source for additional information, or point them to the CADDAC website, the Awareness Week website and in particular the socioeconomic paper as a source of information
  • Ask for your representatives views on the subject
  • Include your contact information in the letter
  • Expect to hear back from your representative in a few weeks, if not a follow-up e-mail is appropriate